European Facial

30 minutes $60; 60 minutes $85; series of three 60 minute treatments $220.

With tailored products and therapies, we put a modern spin on a time-tested French classic for healthier, younger-looking skin. You’ll enjoy steam, exfoliation, and an effective treatment mask, as well as a facial, neck, and shoulder massage.

NIA24 Facial

60 minutes $95.

Our NIA24 facial uses a powerful mix of science-backed ingredients to combat dull, dry, or congested skin. Using physical and chemical exfoliation products, balanced by essential fatty acids and minerals to promote barrier repair and skin rejuvenation, this powerful treatment will brighten and smooth your complexion, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Purifying Back Treatment

45 minutes $75.

A deep cleanse, exfoliation, and treatment mask are followed by a hydrating massage to leave your shoulders and back glowing.

Salmon River Stone Facial

60 minutes $95.

This luxurious treatment combines all the best features of our European facial with the benefits of a warm stone facial massage. The stones help relax muscles of the face, neck, and shoulders, and aid in the penetration of products.

Signature Facial

75 minutes $105; series of 3 $270.

With extra time for both product absorption and therapeutic touch, our new Signature facial is the treatment your skin has been waiting for. After discovering your skin’s needs, our therapists deliver the perfect blend of specialized products and techniques to meet them.

Age Corrective Facial

75 minutes $110; series of 3 $285.

Designed to nourish, regenerate, and energize, this rejuvenating facial is just the boost mature skin needs. A pleasing and potent blend of therapeutic products resurface and retexturize the skin while energizing touch therapy techniques release tension in the facial muscles for the ultimate relief for prematurely aging, mature, or devitalized skin.

Eminence, just one of the great lines used by our experienced therapists to give your skin some love.

Enhanced Exfoliation Treatments

An enhanced exfoliation series of 6 that can be used for any of the single exfoliation treatments below is $360


30 minutes (single treatment) $75; add-on to any facial $60.

A gentle chemical exfoliation for deep cleaning the superficial layers of the skin, perfect for smoothing the texture of sun-damaged skin, lightening pigmentation issues, treating fine lines, and combating acneic skin and scarring.


30 minutes (single treatment) $75; add-on to any facial $60.

Our new diamond tip, advanced technology, wet-dry microdermabrasion machine provides exceptional physical exfoliation precisely tailored to your skin’s needs with no downtime. Age spots, fine lines, and even light acne scarring can be diminished and you will walk out with a softer, clearer, fresher appearance.


30 minutes (single treatment) $75; add-on to any facial $60.

This safe and effective exfoliation treatment leaves the skin smoother, brighter, and free of fine hair. A noninvasive ablative toolexfoliateS the epidermis, enhancing texture, removing peach fuzz, and allowing for greater product absorption. Excellent for pregnant and nursing women or anyone concerned about uneven texture, dryness, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, or light scarring.

In addition to using Epionce in our decadent skin care treatments, we also sell this wonderful, evidence-based skin care line in our boutique. Or, if you’re traveling and can’t make it back to Spa del Sol, you can order it here and have it shipped directly to you. If you use our link you’re both supporting Spa del Sol and get FREE SHIPPING!

Skin Care Upgrades

The following add-ons can greatly enhance any of the above treatments. Please schedule in advance to allow for the additional treatment time and preparation.

Power Boost


Looking to get even more out of our European facials, Stone facial or thirty minute enhanced exfoliations, but don’t have time for one of our longer options? Whether your concern is a lack of firmness, uneven tone, or acne, our therapists have a range of enhancements they can incorporate into your treatment to give you even more phenomenal results with no extra time out of your busy day.

Power Couple

15 minutes (add-on) $20

Sometimes skin cries out for more than one type of exfoliation. In this amazing add-on treatment, our therapists will incorporate an exfoliating peel into the physical exfoliation of either a microdermabrasion or dermaplane. This treatment is not for everyone. But if you think it might be for you, please request it while booking so we can allow extra time.

Revitalizing Eye Rescue

15 minutes (add-on) $25

Gentle exfoliation, an intensely hydrating and firming mask, and delicate massage of the sensitive eye area come together in this treatment to leave your eye area looking its best.

Scalp Treatment

15 minutes (add-on) $25

Aromatherapy-infused oils are massaged into the hair and scalp to rejuvenate your spirit and lustrous locks.

Waxing and Tinting

Eyebrow Wax $20 ($15 add-on)*
Lip or Chin Wax $15*
Jawline Wax $15*
Under Arm Wax $25*
Full Arm Wax $35*
Full Leg Wax $65*
Half Leg Wax $45*
Bikini Wax $35*
Brazilian Wax $70*
Back Wax $35 – 65*
Eyebrow Tinting $20
Eyelash Tinting $30
Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting $40

* Starting Prices