Spa Staff

Karen Kessler

In addition to skin care specialist and massage therapist, Karen holds a number of titles: dog trainer, small business owner, woodcarver, and educator are just a few. She’s a true Renaissance woman for the modern age.

Karen never stops learning. She started out at Spa del Sol as an esthetician and has gone on to add massage, craniosacral therapy, and sound therapy to her repertoire. She’s constantly stretching herself to learn new modalities and traveling to seek out different teachers to deepen her knowledge of existing ones.

Karen believes strongly that self-care is an essential ingredient for a successful life. How could this esthetician and massage therapist not have landed at Spa del Sol? It’s a perfect fit as she (and we) believe “beautiful skin starts from within” and you can’t take care of anyone else if you don’t care for yourself first. Exercise, a regular yoga practice, a sunny outlook, and a good skincare routine combine to make Karen one of the most radiant people we know. Let her talent and her joy help you create a glow that starts from your innermost self and radiates out.

Kara Cone

Kara is funny, charming, smart, and a total badass. We’re sorry. We tried really hard to find a more family friendly word for it, but … she just is. You’ll understand why when we tell you that what pushed her in to massage therapy was the wear and tear on her body of rock-climbing in beautiful Bend, Oregon. She graduated from East-West College of the Healing Arts in Portland in 2002 and has been working on bodies ever since.

Kara tends to focus on the body’s connective tissue, fascia, in her work, and her work is AMAZING. She’s also a bit of lymphatic system nerd (nerds are cool!) and is certified in Manual Lymph Drainage as well as being a certified Lymphedema Therapist since 2014. For those who are looking for it, she loves performing abdominal massage. (She told us there are 600-800 lymph nodes in the tummy. See above re: nerd. ::heart eyes emoji::)

You don’t even understand how amazing it is that Kara lit like the beautiful butterfly she is in our little Idaho town. You see, she grew up in the beautiful Red Hills area of Dundee, Oregon as a fifth generation Oregonian. FIFTH GENERATION! And yet even with ties that run generations deep, after moving around that beautiful state, after owning her own business in Corvallis for seven years, she and her husband Jeff picked up their two cats and their entire lives and moved to our gorgeous little lake-side paradise in 2017. And then reader, one fateful day, Kara walked into our studio and spa and we did everything we could to make sure she stayed.

Hilary Lempit

As an outdoor athlete, Hilary has found yoga and massage integral to her own healing and recovery. In 2012, she completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training at Pranava Yoga Center in Colorado Springs. After attending an advanced yoga training in 2015 with Ana Forrest, and working in spas throughout Colorado, she was inspired to deepen her studies in hands-on healing by becoming a massage therapist. In 2016, she attended Denver Integrative Massage School to follow her calling to help people heal their bodies. She is trained in Thai yoga massage, myofascial release, and trigger point techniques, and is passionate about injury recovery and addressing chronic pain. She enjoys helping her clients find a deeper connection to their bodies through massage and yoga.

Emma Bussolini

Emma, light of our life, star of our sky, moon of our Moonpie … wait. That got away from us a little. Let’s start over. Emma has been at Spa del Sol almost from the beginning and has grown into the kind of massage therapist that clients (and we) just can’t imagine living without. But wait! There’s more! Not only is she a magician at getting your body to release tension you didn’t even know you were carrying, she decided to continue her education and has turned herself into a miracle-working esthetician as well. Bringing her therapeutic touch to skin care was a logical next step, and her knowledge and experience make her treatments both clinically beneficial and relaxingly indulgent.

Whether she’s hiking, rafting, skiing, snow-boarding, or enjoying a yoga class in our own studio, Emma takes full advantage of living in this magical place. She knows our little town inside out and when she’s not making your skin glow and your muscles relax she can tell you the best place to have lunch with your grandchildren, find wildflowers in July, grab a beer with your bestie, or soak in a natural hot spring.

Tessa Redmon

Tessa’s practiced, healing touch is a bright spot in her client’s lives. We are enormously lucky to have lured this talented massage therapist back to the wilds of McCall from the thriving metropolis of Boise.

In our favor, Tessa loves the great outdoors and, as you all know, there are few places better for appreciating them than beautiful McCall. She also enjoys the calm and healing atmosphere of working in a spa. It’s a perfect complement to the relaxation she promotes in a therapy room with her clients.
When she’s not making our guests feel better about their bodies, their lives, and the universe in general, Tessa can be found fishing, hiking, swimming, horse-back riding, and raising one of the most adorable babies it’s been our pleasure to meet.

Kathryn Riches

It’s always sunny here at Spa Del Sol. But it’s been much brighter since Kathryn joined us, with skills that make our skin look OH SO radiant! In fact, Kathryn reminds us a lot of the best McCall summers. She’s warm and friendly, with a sense of humor as dry as the ideal high mountain July day.

Kathryn is a McCall local who has lots of tricks and experience when it comes to combating our fickle mountain climate. Feeling like very air we breathe is sucking the moisture from your skin? Honestly, it probably is. And Kathryn can help combat your chronic dehydration with an expert facial or a hydrating body treatment. (Kathryn is our go-to woman for body wraps. THEY ARE SO GREAT!) She’s also an expert at combating both teen and adult acne and her compassion won’t leave you feeling alone if you struggle with those devilish breakouts. If you haven’t experienced a treatment from our skincare/waxing wizard, you’re missing out!

Diane Lovejoy

Diane Lovejoy is a master massage therapist and esthetician who just can’t quit Spa del Sol (and we can’t quit her!). She moved away from McCall years ago, but she still comes back to us regularly to ply her twin trades and make us smile with her sparkle and joy.

Originally from Alaska, Diane currently makes her home in Boise with her two charming sons. But when she’s here, she’s creating a mini-oasis in one of our treatment room, making our clients feel relaxed and restored. Whether she’s giving a massage that can make you forget you’ve been shoveling snow for four days straight or treating your skin to the best facial of your life.

Barb Ledgard

Barb has a wealth of knowledge, but perhaps our favorite is her massage therapy expertise. An avid athlete and sport enthusiast, Barb knows the body… how it functions, and how to fix it when it’s not functioning optimally. Barb performs all of our massage modalities, but specializes in deep tissue and rehabilitative treatments. If you catch her in her spare time (and literally, we mean catch her, because she’s super fast!), you’ll probably encounter Barb outdoors hiking, biking, skiing, or feeding fresh flower pollen to the bees.


Jaclyn Jenks

Even though she has lived most of her life in Boise, Jaci has deep roots in McCall.  She has donned the hat of “summer camp counselor” for a decade, and has thoroughly enjoyed frolicking on the shores of Payette Lake with camp kiddos, and roasting marshmallows under our starry mountain sky. This job eventually opened the door for a full-time position for she and her new husband, Daniel, and with their fur-pup, Ziva, they relocated to McCall last spring.  Jaci graduated from Carrington College in Boise and practiced massage therapy in the Treasure Valley before joining the Spa Del Sol family. A little ray of sunshine, Jaci focuses on the individual needs of each client, and shines a personalized light of joy and healing towards all of the people she works with. Her smile alone will instantly make you feel better, so just imagine the wonders she can do with her bodywork.